I have something to tell you Nekosaikou

@NEKOSAIKOU i has something to tell chu…so apparntwy… @TheSandCrab has a body pillow of chu :point_right::point_left:


I’m a horrible person


Somebody get the shotgun STAT!


What for real?

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i-isn’t that like some sort of end goal for you?

i mean, you have all sorts of these strange fantasies about the forums, and…

…you don’t feel anything?

I wont easily fall for a trap. He better send the link to his body pillow.

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Hey there fellow user!

Do you wish to forget everything you just read, cause I sure do!

So please, forget everything you just read by all means, like it even matters you would remember it, it’s all just a funny joke, wow what a funny joke that was! I do hope that he does these jokes less often because my sides hurt from laughing!

I’m not sending it because it doesn’t exist! There is no way in hell I would make something as non civil as a body pillow by my own hands, that would just be wrong, it’s so wrong it’s funny! Must be why tree made such a hilarious joke about it!

I thought as much. Body pillow can go to the trash, the real body is better.

Also welcome back (=´∇`=)

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That sounds like something that a person who actually has a body-pillow would say

Yea pfft body pillows are for ruffians of the past era, you already know I’m not lonely because I don’t got a yeeyee ass haircut, I already got multiple real people next to me!

Yeah (=´∇`=)

I’ll always be by your side~

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Pfft like I would want to be next to anybody’s body lmao haha this is all a joke! Wow what a funny joke!

you don’t have a memetic kill agent you can’t tell me what to do

Wow the anti-horny person having a body pillow would be cliche, and it’s not cliche because I don’t have one.

Bruh are you really rejecting Nekosaikou, they are offering to be by your side, sounds like neko has a crush on you, I am disappointed to see you neglect to acknowledge this :disappointed:

Your acting like I have a crush back on them, which I don’t.

Oh and you should probably explain this is just an ordinary good old plan to get me active again, and nothing more, right?