I havent touched this game in 8 months what do i do


you might want to try and level up jewelcrafting, also go to the dark sea for upgraded enchantments

Give me your other 18 pairs of 4th of July sunglasses

give 9 to me :pleading_face:

Acquire boss drops

If you going into dark sea, me and my mate Greencell (mostly he) created dark sea guide

give one sunglass

oh yeah also go to whitesummit and do the quest there

jump other people or get jumped by other people

go to the dark sea and mess around with potions

get new drip

  1. go to whitesummit and do the quest
  2. figure out jewelcrafting and get it to as high level as you can
  3. do the dark sea (enizors quest is an alright guide)
  4. get 20,000 galleons for a brig
  5. learn potions if you want
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im am here to trade for your seasonals at once