I hit 5k health

Without even perfecting this build- I managed to get it to 5k health. It’s not viable- but everyones favorite useless meme paladin has found a new purpose.

4k health was my maximum?

So here’s the math behind it (and my incomplete build). Aura is the way to go here. My base health is 3.5k- already decent but I can go higher.


I need armored for my five gear pieces in order to be truly ‘full built’- and with drawback/painite buffs I might barely scratch 5.5k in nimbus (Probably more with increased caps). Unless the intensity change to standardize resistance aura prevents the scaling, my tank build will only continue to grow stronger- all in preperation for his eventual ascension to Warden.


How much damage do you take from painite per attack though :sob:

ngl i kinda feel like if you replaced your cernyx piece with sunken helmet and everything was armored enchant, you could even reach 5.6k+ hp or maybe if all argos are replaced with sunken (except helmet), even 6k hp?

i ran some tests and tldr: fuck intensity

(intense screaming bc of someone getting more hp than me)

Mad that intensity is actually useful.

bro got the early access warden

you can change some stuff around and get this with hard enchants

this is what it would be with armored

and i thought cernyx was a walking wall…

this build in a nutshell

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true but less intensity decreases the max possible hp from aura.

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Fun fact- crunching the numbers shows that though Warden would have a bit more base health than this build, but loses out in overall health.

Any class with aura/focus can easily get thousands of health over Warden.

Its about 300-600 per- and because I start low health when I use the actual aura I dont get to full immediatly so it looks like Im losing a crap ton of health.

Intensity is core to why my aura gets me so high health wise. Yes, Sunken gives more base health, but argos gives me an extra like 400+ health after aura. (We love intensity!)

I forgot to mention I have all blocking power gems didnt I?

please no not again

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i wanted to test intensity vs defense for scaling but fuck this logarithmic shit

from my test, intensity amulets alone gives less defense with aura than defense amulets alone with aura

(intensity + aura) < (defense + aura)

Can somebody do the math for me
How quick is the health regeneration with this

Its about 50 health a second for me.

11 drawback bro?