I just commited the biggest sin

I drank a whole holy water bottle at my local church

just a bottle?

they sell them so people can take them home.

also, drinking holy water used to be used as a way to expell evil spirits, notice how Zephyr stopped horny posting after this.


drink wine instead!

What if you live in a country where you can’t because you’re considered underage???

He finally redeemed himself.

i HATE the police and the police support the law so whats the crime in breaking the law every once in a while?? if nobody besides you is being harmed then its fime


i suggest you do the same, take a sip of the holy drink.

Isn’t that called… a crime

shut up nerd


The fact that you existed are already the biggest sin, buddy

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Who isn’t tho ;-;

Why must you remind me of that ;-;

Because it’s the sad truth


this will hopefully make you realize bella graves is not real

Who ?

the pregnant mc captain this man mentioned

uno reverse