I just noticed something strange

I just found out that majors are level 4000-5000. I thought, wait, isn’t the planned endgame level cap for players level 1000-2000? How would bad reputations players combat this? Am I misunderstanding something? If not, then I feel like there will be just a lot of impossibly hard NPCs you just, cant ever really beat. If so, is there a reason for this? I think I’m just being an idiot but I’m not sure.

Majors have been removed and the old endgame level cap was gonna be 5k

The eventual AO level cap will be 1000 (not on release). Majors will be removed and probably replaced by some Grand Navy rank.

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Majors were removed prior to WoM being discontinued. I doubt they’ll get an equivalent grand navy rank, they were removed for a reason.

werent they removed because they were unfinished

I thought it was because the bounty cap was too low for them to spawn, yet they spawned anyways because of a glitch.

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