I know this is a Cliche Question possibly, but do you think there's even a POSSIBILITY that Vetex MIGHT fix AA once he's done with WoM?

I’m not sure if this’ll come off as stupid or naive, but to me AA had something that Arcane Reborn just doesn’t. Sure Arcane Reborn updates and all and i know Vetex definitely won’t get back to working on AA anything soon with WoM on the rise, but if he could fix it at least to where things are kill able, and NOT broken? Then it’d be a train of nostalgia for all of us to go through. I don’t really care if he’d update it with a new story or sea, but I’d want it to be updated to the point we could relive that past of AA. AA doesn’t have the same vibe as AR.

What do you guys think, though?

Nope, code is old as fuck and poorly written. If he went around and tried to fix it, it would take longer than just rewriting AA in its entirety. My guess is he’s just going to move into a new project.
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No reason to fix such an old game, it was already constantly breaking after every roblox update because the script was messy and all. Sure, filtering enabled is what killed AA, but it was already destroyed by tons of bugs.
Basically filtering enabled stole the kill.


W A S T E D. GTA Death Scene.

no because WoM is essentially the fixed version of AA

last time i checked arcane reborns very first quest is broken, thus no rowboat until you do a long grind (unrelated, just my experience)

but no, i think aa will be dead forever. even if the code wasnt old and hella broken, its a lot of work to go through fixing everything in a game that is dead while also updating a new game that most of your players are interested in

unless we go on strike

it’s broken…he can’t fix it, and probably won’t