I know this is late but. Magic stereotypes

Lightning: You went this because you like lightning. Or you just didn’t want to go shadow so you went a slightly less powerful magic. And I HATE YOU If you only fight in the rain because you know that it does a quarter of my health with a normal pvp build.

Fire: Uhhh you’re probably gonna get fire and ash and or plasma. Most people who main this probably aren’t good at the game and just play it casually.

Water: Gay. Beta male. Femboy. Bullied at school. Bad at the game. If you use this magic and go a fucking sunken power build for magic size you are absolutely gay. And anyone who uses this magic is GUARANTEED to go water lightning/snow/ice unless they’re a giga chad and are going fire and water even though there’s synergies perfect for it.

Wind: I HATE YOU. I’ve been in pvp with this magic so many times and It’s just so dumb. Their moves cancel magic and t jumps so you pretty much get pinned by them. But for some reason vetex thought it was a good idea to make them near invisible so you will have to be in an arena to fight it normally. And even then it does insane amounts of damage and is way too fast. Anyone using this is either smart enough to see that this magic is better than 95% of all other magics or was gay and used double wind in AR

Earth: Magma as a second magic. You’re absolutely getting magma as a second magic. You could also be a skill issue. Yeah most earth mains I see in Wom probably aren’t good at the game if they aren’t going a meta magic combo like earth fire.

Light: WHY WOULD YOU USE THIS MAGIC ITS SO BAD! It’s NOT a good magic to main and anyone using this magic is going to get aether anyways. Or they could be going crystal light because they think because crystal getting buffed with a synergy means something. It’s not that good dude.

Shadow: Oh look it’s shadow main #384639. You ABSOLUTELY have on a black hood, black merchants coat, black bandana, and minotaurs boots. You probably grind for a guild because it’s hard to see you. Then they remember that your hp bar is visible.

Gold/Iron: Just this image

Ink: I honestly have no opinion on the people who go this magic. Mostly because NOBODY ever uses it. But I did hear some people went grey because it kinda looked like…

Paper: Most people who main this are extremely good at the game and can easily 6v1 and win. If you use this magic you are probably goated.

Magma: Black beautiful hair for beautiful people. Brown shirt and black pants. And likely tanned skin. That’s pretty much all I got for it.

Glass: you are a piece of SHIT you spam ez in ganks you had zero part it and you are ABSOLUTELY not good at the game. I have never seen a SINGLE good glass user in the last 3 months. Like yeah you just covered 500 meters of land in glass to keep me from healing. Just stop playing the game.

Ash: Remember what I said about water mains? This applies here but it multiplies for every ash main I see that relies on it’s retarded summer hold filling ash cloud. I hate you. You are gay and or furry and or femboy and or virgin and you suck at the game.


Ice: I don’t really have an opinion on people who main this magic. I don’t think anyone does. Probably because it’s one of the more… balanced magics I guess?

Explosion: There’s only 3 people who go this magic. Type 1: people who saw pics of its pillar explosion and went a full magic size build for it (cool you can make nukes too bad they only do like 101 damage :skull: ) Type 2: People that are trash at the game and uses it to lag people’s pc so you have the ping advantage. Type 3: The megumin simps (pedophile)

Poison: Exact same stereotype for ash but their gay effect is completely nullified by a fire main.

Sand: You like to use it to create sand rings. That’s mostly it. I never really seen anyone main this magic before.

Crystal: You lose to level 45s. There’s no such thing as a good crystal main. You cant convince me that this magic is actually used by anyone that’s not an alt.

Wood: You absolutely went this because you think fire will save it. It won’t because this magic is literally the worst magic in the game. It LITERALLY only serves as a damage booster to heat magics. Only people who go this magic are casuals and sweats trying to embarrass people

Acid: You’re probably 12 or younger. Which people won’t believe at first because you constantly green them with this magic. Either that or you wanted to use a liquid magic without going water. And if you did. I respect that.

Plasma: You wish there was more variants. Heavily.

That’s about it. Lemme know if I missed anything.


Didn’t someone make this a long long time ago

acid: Adiris


Ifunny watermark

4 actually, 4 - True chads who dont follow meta and play the magic they enjoy.

Cry about it while i cover whole battlefield in ash clouds


That’s 1

You said the other 3


This is pretty accurate stuff tbh.

I main shadow on my first file… you only got one of the accessories right :smiling_imp:. Also I used to grind for a guild but for some reason my brain refuses to pvp anybody not for fun and for infamy so I eventually disbanded because my guild contribution was below the underworld. My edginess levels are unparalleled on these forums, fear me mortal :mariomug:.

I’m gonna get ice and snow as my second and third magics since my main file (Shadow) is going to be mage/wizard/whatever

My water file (2nd file) was going to be a max magic size file (Because I thought it would be fun and still do :fr:) until I realized that would take forever and decided it would be my fishing/ranged weapon conjurer file. Water arrows.

My wind file (3rd file) has never used a single spell, it’s a weapons only file. :troll:

I’ll probably get magma for my second magic on my fire file (my 4th file), I thought it would be cool to have a warlock file especially with fire and the thermo fist fighting style. You’re right about me not being good at the game though :pensive:.

I can confirm my 5th file is going to be savant and has light magic. It’s just for fun to be honest and I also have maximum agility on this file. Once AO comes out i’ll also be using fast fighting styles and bo staffs, all mixed up with light and speed. Also i’m a bard on this file since guitars and flutes are op against enemies bc you shatter their eardrums :nod:.

My 6th file is too edgy to even describe and i’m also using ash and acid as my 2nd and 3rd magics (mage/wizard file).

Overall you got these pretty accurately so good job. I’m just bad at pvp and play casually because magic game funni and I like throwing projectiles everywhere.



where is mud magic

explosion is borderline meta imo

poster guy, you do all this talk about skill issues and shit, yet u don’t have your username on your profile :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

cool but i only read like 1/100 of it!

but i plan to get all magics
and im far from playing the casually at this point
the not good at the game part tho
spot on

Acid magic is kind of underrated. It is a good magic though. It synergizes pretty good with most magics. Still a bit mad that it doesn’t work underwater but it’s pretty good still.

Acid is one of the most average magics around. When I see someone has Acid I am not phased at all, it is just a magic. It isn’t a notoriously heavy hitter like iron or gold, not terrible like crystal or light and not meta like shadow and wind. It is just an average magic in my eyes, kind of like Fire or Ice. Like you expect nothing of them but that doesn’t mean, at all, that you expect something bad. Not particularly rare either.

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Fight a wood weapon/magic user, the 30% damage increase from bleeding targets on a pretty heavy hitting magic is nutty.

It’s not rare but it also isn’t common I would place it in the middle. Your surely correct about it being average though. I’m a bit sad people don’t use it that much but there are always magics that like to take the fame. I would say that it’s like a combination of dense water and fire. Don’t get me wrong but I’d love to see some more variety of different magic users and even weapon users in AO.
With AO being on most devices we’ll probably have a variety of players in game who users magic, weapon based or fighting style based.

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not based

no way