I like visitor


i speedrun minutes with it.

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Man of a million topics

man of a million millions


:scream: :scream: :scream:

prophet better, mald harder

prop too slow ngl

sure he gets healing but like

too slow

i like pairing it with halt and heavy slash so it just destroys everything in 10 seconds


yes visitor is cool but

tc dreamer oc zero

i like doing oc dirt with dreamer

dreamer user :face_vomiting:

i play them cause i like having anxiety from “i could be hit at any moment”

no riderer is too much for me

man of a trillion


ok but like

oc dirt
shadow potions
valley noonshade

I don’t have him yet :frowning:

I like probably these characters more
jojo punchman whoever
idk I have more I forgor

you forgot the excess brain power to store enough potion recipes