I lost all of my data 2

I have a new max level save slot but my other old save slot got wiped again.
I literally lost connection once and rejoined like 30 seconds later.

Well, RIP, this also happened to me, luckily it was one of my empty alts, so i didn’t get much pain over it

Oh boy. Looks like this game is screwed long-term due to data-store bugs still occurring in 1.1.4b
If Vetex can’t fix this then there’s no way in hell anybodies ever going to reach level 5k without getting wiped randomly.

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the only person that is able to fix it now is roblox

Knowing ROBLOX this means WoM is screwed :slightly_smiling_face:

knowing roblox it means wom will stop working in december 2020

For real though Vetex is going to have to reach out to ROBLOX and hope and pray to god they can either help him or actually fix whatever horrific bug is just randomly deleting players data stores in his game.

Granted, considering that this issue hasn’t really been reported in other games you have to wonder what it is about WoM that causes player data not to save sometimes.

i heard Headless secretly made an auto-data erase macro and eveyone got mad and demanded the macro go public so they can use it for themselves

what kind of bubble gum dum dum witch craft fu**ery is that

it allowed him to erase his data even while he slept which was unfair to people who had to grind for their data to get deleted

Uhhhhhhhhhh oki I’ll be fine with my one main account and I should have no risk of Save deletion

oh man should i donate to you

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nah it’s fine, I might get wiped again anyways

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If it helps or anything, I got wiped twice when I left near mount seawatch. Might just be me though

the forbiden curse of mount seawathc,…

keep in mind leaving while invisible is a guaranteed save corruption

How about we just remove the multiple files feature

if the file gets corrupted it would simple get deleted and not overwritten

ok just to say… you did the worse thing after you rejoined… you see there is a bug that is known that vetex is TRYING to fix he doesnt really know the cause besides for something about rejoining quickly after leaving the game. Pretty much by being disconnected and rejoining right after makes this bug happen