I Love Amy is peak you guys should read it

Rahh go read it its so good.


Reminds me of my girlfriend and I a bit, lol! She watched me try to date someone and fail HORRIBLY!

damn even the basement scene?

I just started reading, no spoilers! But yeah, you’d be how surprised how accurate that is lol.

Her and I share traits of both but I’m more like Amy, I guess. Bibi just has the energy my gf has, y’know?

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oh, btw, if you like I Love Amy, I have a list of different webcomics you’d maybe like! Mostly WEBTOON, but if you want, I can tell you them!

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art by memimem3
damn though never thought I’d see another person who would like I love amy on the forums for
a roblox game :joy:


Oh…that’s uh the manga that I read sometime ago and just remembered as a “reverse harem yandere manga”

im just 1 chapter in and i can only conclude that: This is peak

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Main 2 characters are too un-likable

Cool art tho

its sesbian lex

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My girlfriend just finished reading it and called me “Amy coded” I can’t tell if she was insulting me or not help me out here :sob:

My gf really is my Bibi and yes she has done some of the things Bibi has done to Amy in this comic.

its so peak

please share i’d love to see more (im currently undergoing ILA withdrawals)

honestly it would be very bibi coded if she meant it in an affectionate AND derogatory (but still affectionate) way :joy:

Girls’ love mentioned!!!

Yes I Love Amy is very good, I was scared to read it at first cuz my friend told me Bibi is borderline psychopath. Until I read it myself and I found her a lot more sane than even I am.

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I like how this is being said now, but my gf just broke up with me as we’d be better as friends when she literally begged me to do certain things.

This is pretty good, thanks for recommending it :+1:

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If you found bibi more sane than you, you either belong in a school for the blind or a prison cell

maybe i am im just too insane to realize (but i actually think shes not that bad at least in the late part)

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still no chapter 46.6 :sob: