I love lord vetex

Oh my god he is so epic i love him


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Thank you for supporting lord Vetex.

Glory to AO!


I don’t for one reason
-reason 1 here-

I hope to support him to the very end

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Do not promote hate against our overlord.

Glory to AO!

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He shall hopefully appreciate your support.

No, Glory to WoM1

His commands are the very truest why would i not support him?

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Do not joke about glory to another nation.

Glory to AO!

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Such blasphemy unfortunately exists.

Glory to AO!

Please do not say anything that will anger lord vetex

Btw Social credit master are you keeping track of the social credit


Gimme -30000000 and I’ll support vetex

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Bribes are not allowed. Respect to the overlords is a must at all times.

Glory to AO!

vetex is god
He is all worlds prayers
He’s the savior of many worlds
And he deleted the forums and surprised the forumers with a non-cancerous version of it

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Good work comrade, your post has earned you 50 social credit. I am sure overlord Vetex shall appreciate your praise. Work harder for the glory of AO!

Glory to AO!

Tbh you should have notes on how much social forumers have lmao
And make a topic about it

I would but I don’t know if it counts as spam or something.

Ahem, Glory to our God, Vetexgames