I love potions man

Can anyone tell me why I made this. I wanted to make a throwing one but still I went and searched for a golden pearl to make this.

:fearful: (3 characters)

You either really like snow, on a subconscious level, just really wanted to use a high-rarity catalyst, or… something I can’t figure out right now.

Thank you for the explanation :smiley:


btw u can just do this



You literally just made cold water at 3am


It was too cold.

can we get the deltarune ice shock sound effect over this please

here ya go, idk if this is the sound you meant but I did change it up a little

srry it was 7 hours late though


blender didn’t want to render it so it ended up like this

Here’s a less laggy version if you want.

I had the version where it’s the entire video, you can ask me If you want it

how did you get that video?

I record it with OBS

i was hopping there was a new way of downloading files from yt

If you okay with stupid spam ads and are not blocked in your country. You can try Y2mate.

I often use that in many cases

: o