I’m cringe guys, please validate my need for attention (Gamehero changed the title but I'm leaving it here bc its funny) Hi guys lol haha (2nd edit was Dub) bro what is this title (3rd edit was TheFightingLady) I wonder how long this is gonna get :3 max:(

I bet I will regret this :sob:

I will eat your kneecaps.

This is some of the worst ban bait I’ve ever seen, you might as well give up on it already and close it.

I’m bored and I can’t find an Off Topic to read so I’ve stooped to making dumb posts

God these monkies nowadays, always tryna get attention.

Someone please make off-topics

I’m sorry I’m bored


Fine what posts should I make

Idk skibidi toilet posts idk what you forumers post average



Flare ur a devotee idk what you mean by you forumers

Wait nvm I understand now


Ive been sealed away in a worse chat that only the brainrot see…


I used to have regular ik what u mean…

ooo oo aa aaa a a eoeoa eo aoeaooeeoeoaaeoeooooeoeooeao

harassment at its finest

chipi chipi chapa skibidi chapa toilet :cat: :toilet:

sir can u close this post please ty

Give me something better to do and maybe I will