I’m really confused with nimbus sea rn

Guys is the regen stat broken? Cuz i watched a yt video and max regen didn’t seem to be that big of a difference when compared to no regen at all.

They can pretty much become an attack size power meta mage with the attack size that’s half of masada and dealing about 505 to everything around it with a shockwave or a smash not sure, it was on an ironleg berserker that I saw

Theyre meant to scale with the amount of points put into Vitality. I did heard it got nerfed because the regen was too high. So it depends on the build that person was using

Do resistance and armor piercing scale with anything?

No, they dont.

Regen is supposed to be a stat for people of the Vitality Class.

same bruh its like all the fighting style damage is the same/garbage now

they have access to some really ridiculous moves that other builds cannot get rn

That was the worst meta lol
It was just spamming attacks

it’s still similar, just now the attacks are huge, the opponents attacks are unblockable, or something else stupid.

Nah hear me out endlag checking was lowkey kinda cool compared to reflex size spam

it was pretty fun tho

yea but if they didnt have those moves then they could not compete with other builds

im staying with atk speed because size increases with tiers, agility increases with level, atk speed increases with nothing so i need to build into it

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That’s very smart, man! I never thought of it like that.

I dont understand that. If you strip warlock of crash and selino it also won’t be able to compete with other builds, same logic for every build in the game. And warriors always had access to the moves now (besides power shot), just that it has been buffed to oblivion.

You don’t seem to understand what I said (probably on me for not being more specific) the warrior build is entirely based on having weapons. If they did not have skills that other builds had, they would be made useless. The perks of a hybrid build is the ability to use 2 abilities (magic and strength).

You originally said ‘ridiculous moves that other builds cannot get rn’, however I don’t see you complain over Berserkers monopolies on exclusively having certain moves, neither on Mages having locked moves also. Warriors have these moves to compensate for their inability to use anything else, even Magic and Strength builds can use flintlocks etc.

I see a bit of what you said but the reason im not complaining over berserkers having access to moves that no other build can get in the game is because those moves are fairly manageable to deal with in pvp, I never found them unbalanced. I can’t say the same for warrior though. The nimbus sea addition made warriors pretty busted compared to every other class in the game.

well, the regen-(other stat) items are currently broken, ??? about pure regen items.

I mean, regen is associated with vitality and it synergizes with it, but other classes can invest in it like any other substat.