I’m really confused with nimbus sea rn

like what armor stats should I be using especially for wind and PvP? I also heard that attack speed got gutted and a lot of stuff got flipped around and nerfed/buffed just really confused here

so far generally it seems that it’s an attack size meta, with warrior and mage being the best classes. Attack speed is much more expensive to build into compared to before, so if you want to be fast your build will have to be centered around it.

Hell nah, not the og ao meta bulds :skull::skull::skull:

People are way to fast and loose with the term gutted in this community


How would warrior be meta? also I run wind boxing

the cycle spins on… next we will see crystal ilegs back on the roster

really? a attack size meta?

Not sure if i should change to attack size, though…
Since i like throwing myself around like a ragdoll with dodge reflex + attack speed.
Unless Sunken’s easier to get with perma Luck III now.

at least for warriors, yes. Agility and attack speed have been nerfed to the point where they are very expensive to fully spec into, keeping you from running other stats

is it worth it to switch from attack speed to attack size as mage?

I feel like Sunken would take a while to get.

i mean, wind also has that funny knockback which scales on size, so thats another reason if you want to ( intensity is getting reworked to cooldown reduction in case you dont know )

i am a snow and ice mage on my main.

So far the airstall meta was the least cancerous so maybe we can stop there

armor piercing:


tbh I like the speed/airstall meta the most, at least it was fast paced and required some skill

It’s armor piercing/power meta rn

I thought it was bad because I only gained like 20 damage from 120 of the stuff, how much do you need for it to be good?

agility is so bad now. 200 agility barely feels that fast as before

PvP feels so slow now, I don’t even know if it’s the nerfs to agility, the nerfs to speed, or something else. Honestly I liked it more pre update.

I’d say that berserkers are more meta than warriors to be honest, atleast from what I saw so far

didn’t fstyle damage get completely destroyed? at least for me, my basic combat shot went from 220 damage to 160. Or is it a size thing/a result of the increased level cap?