I’m turning 19


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Not be entitled to free full-time education in the US.

Uh, yaaayy???

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Good for you

happy birthday, Gamehero14 of AO Forum

you have roughly 55 years left to go, assuming you die of old age!

Brruuuhhh, that was by no means necessary ;-;

life is fleeting thing, use it well

especially when you live in a place where citizens are allowed to carry guns ( why )

2nd amendment. It exists for a purpose, but I admit that it causes about as many problems as it solves. Especially given the lenient requirements, the lack of mental health care, and the various “stand your ground” laws—which are basically a “right to kill for the lols” laws.

They don’t scare me half as much as our politics, though. (We have two political parties: the literal cult with no sense of empathy and the inconsistent hypocrites. You gotta pick one)

Why is everybody so OLD now…

what no that’s not what those mean at all???

As I remember it, it is the right to kill a person who is invading your home with clear malicious intent, most notably intent to steal, destroy, or kill.
(the moment they force themselves in uninvited is the moment malicious intent becomes clear)

so, unless you’re a burglar, those laws can never be used against you lol.

Wait, citizens are allowed to carry guns?? That’s definitely not the case in my country (thankfully), not without special permits anyways

well duh obviously felons aren’t given LMGs.
(or any normal person for that matter)

What’s an LMG?

An especially large type of gun bordering on the limit of what you might be able to physically carry and use effectively.

Ohh… anyways it doesn’t matter if they have LMGs or not, any gun would be able to seriously injure, if not kill someone.

why would you assume that “civilians carrying weapons” = “felons legally acquiring weapons”

Well, felons could get weapons legally as long as they aren’t identified. And gun violence does happen… like, a lot… or maybe it’s exaggerated, idk :person_shrugging:

this may come as a shock to you, but that doesn’t make the action any less illegal, if anything it makes it even more illegal lol.

also yes judging by what you’re said so far, what you’ve heard is VASTLY exaggerated.
(in most places)

I already edited my reply before ur response

Yeah, it’s definitely still illegal, but it probably makes it easier for them to get guns (or maybe not :person_shrugging: )

most un political topic

That’s the Castle Doctrine—Stand Your Ground basically just extends the Castle Doctrine to be outside of your home. In essence, in states with Stand Your Ground, you don’t have a duty to de-escalate through nonviolent means. Normally, if you kill in self-defense, you have to have tried every other “reasonable option” prior; most notably trying to leave the situation. Now, this isn’t the case if your life is in immediate risk, like if someone charged you with a knife or something.

Point is, the US laws vary by states, and the Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground are different things. The former applies to your home, and the later applies on other places.

Aaaannnnnddd I’m realizing I should not be talking about this further. Let’s go back to… something else. Something that won’t get this shut down.