I Made a Animation

Can i also have a Rate if my animation was good or bad so i can improve it in the future


does this mean you will be my discord e-girl yet

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no = indication of disagreement, considered gender speech, most likely to be used by women then men, yes is used commonly by men. determing by your pfp you are a man, classified as an act of speech. you essentially said yes
no = yes

yes in a opposite word

thats yeah


correction; yeah

the truth???

pyropunk is my discord E-girl

pretty good

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was this made in blender?

It was made on a Moon Animator a roblox studio plugin

ye i know of that
cool effects

quite good, its a bit linear though

since youre using moon animator i recommend you look into easing styles more, they make your animations way more smooth with pretty low effort

ive been using moon animator for a long time so the tutorials i used to learn it are outdated by now, but this video i found seems to explain it pretty well after i skimmed through it

also, r6 uses an outdated compression method on textures, which makes things pixellated (mostly noticeable in faces) i recommend you to make a fake head or use the hdify plugin to fix that, makes a big difference in animations

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Oh yeah easing style i used that when smoothing some animation such as Sine and Quad and yet i forgot to replace some of the linear keyframe and i might remastered and also thanks for sending me a HD face plugin which is i need right now

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