I made a mistake

So Rosie, follows practically everyone ( idk how the fuck she manages to keep up with it but ok) and she followed me, so I followed her back. now I’m getting 3 notifications every second. How?

:niceman: probably because I talk too much

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Yes, deaht

Enjoy getting pinged :D

I die.

You get the big notifications :)

Following @Moo be like:


No honestly, I only follow 2 people, these people being Vera ( @vera ) and you. Yet I get a bunch of notifications.

I’m not saying it’s bad though. Always something to check.

Vera very nice, enjoy getting mass pings from how much I talk

For a reason I put you both at the ‘‘coolest’’ tier on the forumer tierlist thing, along with other nice forumers or those who I have the most positive interactions with