I made a summary of the entire Arcane Odyssey patch history

I tried to keep it concise with enough detail to prevent any questions, and I’m mostly just asking for what people think about it. Is there any information I’m missing or could be worded better? Do you think I’m clinically insane and want to suggest I find something better to do with my life?
I’m not a tester, everything in it is based on what Vetex has said in the Trello, and I’m still updating it.


no wonder why you were away


I was just about to say that

my guy resurrected himself wtf

Not him trying to earn tester

The only thing that I think is incorrect is the hunger depleting by 1 every 25 seconds, but I kinda skimmed through everything

But scrolling through that has made me realize just how much Vetex has changed/added to the game

As a note “Private storage’s treasure chests no longer have different textures” makes it sound like they share the same texture but I’m fairly certain it means they each have one texture each to make it easier to differentiate them and to bring them in line with the other chests being added.

gain tester :pray:

Vetex said that the time was increased to 25 seconds, I think in the 1.9 patches

I commend your efforts

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O yeah u right :white_check_mark: