I made an extremely lazy paradox pokemon designs tier list

The biggest motivator to it was

I 100%ed super Mario galaxy earlier and if I want to suffer through super Luigi galaxy in the future I have permission by the game to do so
I’m planning on starting a Pokémon scarlet playthrough tomorrow
I looked at the paradoxes and ranked their designs most to least favorite
A true and utter shame that iron hands outclasses slither wing in every way, shape, and form in competitive play

Korai and Mirai are peak your opinion is invalidated

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This is definitely a hot take

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lil’ bro put the coolest (literally and metaphorically) in D tier and he put the one that was the result of a horny dragon fucking a robot (100% betting hydreigon fucked iron valiant) in S tier

my mans take is hotter than the core of a sun.

Flutter mane has the laziest design of all the paradox Pokémon.

It’s just Misdreavus with streamers on its face lol

Also robots aren’t alive you can’t breed them.

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How hot exactly?

the pokedex says otherwise

I started my run and I got a female starter lol

Sandy shocks is in fucking S. Dude’s a rejected fridge magnet, ain’t deserving to be higher up than any one of them.

Sandy shocks is silly looking, and it’s interesting how they turned some of its magnets into ‘legs’ of sorts for them to walk together. I really loved it.

Also this happened