I made Architect Merlot's Outfit

An attempt to make myself look like the Architect.
I’m missing:
→ His Idle
→ His Title
→ His Knife
→ His Mask
→ His Gloves
→ A way to get rid of the pauldrons

His name is Merideth (since I couldn’t name myself Merlot.)

On a scale of 1 to 10, how accurate does the outfit look like?
and how good does it look

Technically impossible

Sanguine is pretty easy to get as of rn. As well as you could probably get one for a cernyx drop

Prolly wont be obtainable until later

Idk probably robux?

I dont think you really need his title, because he doesn’t even wear the Architect Uniform unlike Kai with Commodore

Yeah Boss Animation

Oh he uses boss animation? Well i never checked ironic i have it

I don’t have robux.

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