I made some AA/WoM/AO Magic randomizers [PLUS A FISHING RANDOMIZER!]

the title’s pretty self-explanatory, made these during the last class lol

AA One: Arcane Adventures' Minds Randomizer ― Perchance Generator
WoM/AO One: World of Magic/Arcane Odyssey's Magics Generator ― Perchance

feel free to post your results in replies :mariomug:

edit: I made this.
WoM Fishing Simulator: World of Magic's Basic Fishing Simulator ― Perchance Generator


First Magic: Snow Magic
Second Magic: Crystal Magic, Tourmaline Variation
Third Magic: Ink Magic, Grey Variation
Ancient Magic: Blaze Magic

Another one;
First Magic: Ink Magic, Black Variation
Second Magic: Ice Magic, Sage Variation
Third Magic: Sand Magic, Coastal Variation
Lost Magic: Frostmetal Magic
Another Lost Magic: Storm Magic

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It definitely likes crystal magic thats for sure

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i didn’t really mess around with crystal magic probability lol, might edit that later

just updated it so crystal (and other magics with variations) would have the same chance with no-variation magics

Definitely better than earlier

First Magic: Iron Magic, Light Variation
Second Magic: Crystal Magic, Ruby Variation
Third Magic: Plasma Magic, Nova Variation
Lost Magic: Blizzard Magic
Ancient Magic: Inferno Magic

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First Magic: Ice Magic, Sage Variation
Second Magic: Fire Magic
Third Magic: Water Magic, Tropical Variation
Lost Magic: Aether Magic
Another Lost Magic: Poison Lightning Magic

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game accurate

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1 magic.

I’ll take it

got a better one


not bad the shadow kinda sticks out like a sore thumb but hey can’t expect perfection

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i made fishing randomizer, feel free to post your catches here wink wink

you can actually get sunken here btw

You got a Normal Eastern Carp !

what the heck is that

First Magic : Wood Magic, Oak Variation
huh i was actually thinking about making a wood file in AO cause deer, wont have to think about the variation anymore ig

First Mind : Shadow Magic

well sht

First Mind : Mastered Shadow Magic
Second Mind : Water Magic
Third Mind : Light Magic

well fck

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Screenshot 2022-02-09 8.24.50 AM
Averill’s not special.

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Its easier to get a sunken with this fishing but it still will take hours.

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First Magic : Plasma Magic, Gamma Variation
Second Magic : Iron Magic, Light Variation
Third Magic : Acid Magic, Purple Variation
Lost Magic : Aether Magic
Another Lost Magic : Mud Magic

This is actually somehow REALLY close to one of the builds i want on my alt, minus the mud magic and iron magic tho

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mud magic bad,

Excuse me but what

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