I made the biggest L in trading history

level, what are you talking about? I’ve never even engaged in actual trading for agility gear

Stage 1: Denial

why would powerful scrolls go up in value if scrolls in general are much easier to obtain now

ikr i dont wanna follow it either but if i dont no one wants to trade with me :sob:
like im trying to trade up for acrimony but no one wants to because of that stupid value list

erm I believe that the category should be Trading Discussion :nerd_face:

W non value list follower (they giving me acrimony for theurgist stuff)

The true chad ignores the value list and only uses it to get good trades for himself.

wait they are I do not recall them being easier to get if anything they are harder now because no l4 parties

Fr we need to bring back smoke arrows

tier 1 enchant scrolls can no longer be found in dark sealed chests, which made the chance for obtaining exotic scrolls go from 8% → 16%
combine this with luck 3 and you will get a fair amount of exotic scrolls

you are correct that luck 4 parties aren’t possible anymore, and you wouldnt want to make luck 4 potions now that they dont create a way to get back those scales from fishing

Virgin fiat-based value trading: Nooooo the shithat got nerfed by -0.000001 powerino! Every rich trader is dumping it! Billions must sell!

Chad utility-based value trading: I know you want my power scroll, and you know I want that non-meta sword that I like. Let’s trade!

True superiority. Rejoice for utility trades brother!


I traded my headless for mino axe forever regret my existence

galleon inflation partly, but also cuz of new gear
but theyll definitely start dropping by a lot during the coming weeks

I sold mine to npc by accident. (not joking)

i cant wait for the auction house

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