I might be the greatest speedrunner of all time


we up

I’m really sorry to break it to you, but I know someone who can finish files within 4 hours

That guy has like 40 files, no exaggeration. He sent me a list of all of them once. He knows all dialog by now :sob:

Really nice speedrun though, better than my own personal record.


I think the reason OP is doing it in 5 hours is to not risking the anti cheat to think OP exploited.

still an impressive speedrun though.

Damn this is like the half of time it took me to max out my gravy file

Anti cheat is angry about this one

anticheats don’t want you to know this ONE SIMPLE TRICK to LEVELSMAXXING in UNDER 6 HOURS! Click here to upset them…

Also by half i mean 10 hours

Wait, you mean us?

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