I Might Need a Bodyguard in AO

I assume plasma has a synergy with boxing since wind does, but we’ll see when I can get on haha

What data are you compiling, why don’t you leave the game if you need to go idle?

Wind boxing is not funny knockback honestly like I thought it would
It can still send NPCs into air but not too high

Just random little trivia like names of NPCs, deckhand titles, and stuff like that.
I don’t leave the game cause it’s not long periods of idling but rather many instances of short idling (such as to copy down the flavor text of a sea/treasure chart)

Maybe try to quit the game when you realize a villain capable of defeating you approaching?

Maybe try to stick to secure servers with high navy influence and hero’s capable of stopping the assassin?

Maybe try to reach a grand navy base or ship, since they can help you if you get attacked?

Maybe try to hide or flee?
A tree is a pretty good hiding spot, and swimming just below the surface keeps you hidden.

Maybe combine energizing or invigorating meal with mobility over 45 to escape most enemy combatants?

1: I often leave the server when a highly dangerous person appears.
2: I server hop until there’s a server without a high rep player that has over 100 player kills.
3: I have to go around the map frequently so most of the time I’m not near Silverhold. But my ship has 90+ speed so I can outrun most people.
4: I run away when I get attacked and try to trick them or hide to get back to my ship before they realize.
5: I guess I could stock up more on food though

I’ll do it.

Although, maybe you should make a group. I might not be available all the time, but I still want to help you in your research.

If you mean like a roblox group, can’t, but I could do one on Discord.
Contributing is fairly easy, you can do it in this post: Somewhat Large-scale AO Data Gathering Project - Community Contribution and Overall Description Post
It’s fine if you’re not always available, as long as there a person if I need to play for a while doing this

Sure, it would be something to do.

i’m not the most active ao player (or extremely good at pvp), but i find these data compilations interesting and will try to help when i can.
(i’ve got positive and negative files)


My main file has a decent bounty which might be counterintuitive to your efforts at staying unnoticed ngl.

A fellow ice conjuror!

My negative rep save is a wind / boxing mix too, but I had too many points in strength so it became a berserker…

I kinda wanna join but I’m a little scared:

  • If the person jumping you has a Sabre/triasta I’m screwed (I need to learn counterplay to those and I haven’t found a good chance to yet)
  • Haven’t seen infamous crystallock enough so I’ll likely not know what to do against them
  • my aim still needs work, wind mage and it’s still a little sloppy which leads me to missing at times

Yeah, you could say I’m being a little paranoid right now but I’m not sure I could be good enough as a bodyguard.

@Imalettuce It’s alright, like I said, 9 of 10 times nobody bothers me, so nothing much happens.
Just sometimes a player or two decides to be annoying and tries to bounty hunt me.

@D92 I understand, but it could still be helpful to have someone else fight players that try to kill me or you.

@EdTheAcidMan Alright, that’s fine. I’m just testing out this whole ‘having a bodyguard to protect me’ to see if it’s actually effective or at least in some way helpful.

I voted but I do have some questions for you.

  1. How high is your fame? That usually determines how quickly people will be after you.
  2. Do you care if your bodyguard also has high fame/bounty?
  3. I have a LOT of free time on my hands, but how much time do you expect each session to last?
  1. Positive rep is about 400k, negative rep about 150k
  2. No, as long as help fight attackers off.
  3. Couple hours probably for the longer ones, I won’t notify people on this post if I’m only playing for less than half an hour

I’m cool with all of that.

I have quite a lot of free time at the moment, and helping a data gatherer is something i would gladly help with.
Though i only have positive rep files, but I can pvp quite well, and i have quite strong files, so you can notify me if you need a bodyguard.
You can also Dm me
my discord is