I need help with my current stat build

I’m currently a shadow conjurer with 112 on magic and 160 on weapon stat. The problem is, i cant use most of weapon skills especially the plunderers as it needs 220 minimum weapon stat. I usually play ranged type(archer) for my PVE and PVPs but rely on magic if someone gets too close, to me. Idk if i should stat reset as a warrior or a pure mage, or stay a conjurer

bec ur conj

become warrior if you don’t use the magic by itself

I use magic but only for defending myself in close range(Explosion and shockwave spell) but i noticed that i cant do much damage with my weapons due to having my stats split

Every build damage output is the same. Might want to check if your weapons are “ghost” weapons

I’ve seen someone complained about damage on weapons that survived the weapon purge but doesn’t show up in inv

damage comes from power, not from stat points

think you should go warrior then

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