I need some good f(rule 22)king music

I need some good music. Here’s some I enjoy. Just give me other good similar ones if you know any.

Video Game OST: (there’s way too many for me to list so I’ll just give a couple)
C418 - Aria Math
The Escapists OST - Center Perks
The Escapists OST - Shankton State Pen
Unturned startup tune is pretty cool

Bossfight - Milky Ways
meganeko - Nano Love
meganeko - Milkshake
meganeko - Robot Language
F-777 - Deadlocked
Nitro Fun - New Game
Tristam - Till It’s Over

HOME - Decay
HOME - Resonance
Saint Pepsi - Cherry Pepsi

Other/Idk the genre:
Daft Punk - Get Lucky
Porter Robinson - Goodbye To A World
Coldplay - Viva La Vida
DJ Totoriott - Chronoxia
Creo - Dimension

calamity ost

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My taste is diverse
#X from Soul Hackers
Full Force from Tales of Symphonia
Battle F1 from Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse
Seven Sisters High (PSP) from Persona 2 Innocent Sin
Snail Mountain (PSX) from Persona 2 Eternal Punishment
Nichirinmaru (PSX) from Persona 2 Eternal Punishment
Master of Tartarus from Persona 3
Battle theme 1 & 2 from Tales of Arise

all of them are jrpgs lmfao

Didn’t recognize any of those songs aside from Viva La Vida but still here are some song recommendations.

Could recommend just about the entire Arcane OST but here are two I like

^ no way I could show the original music video without getting warned

could probably list more but this is what I found/got from looking at YT for like 10 minutes, didn’t feel like the others would appeal to you and or would get me warned/punished :fr:

hope someone discovers they like at least one of them

league :frpensive:

only Arcane :frcryin:

it did get me to try league though, played for like 5 seconds before hating it solely due to it’s controls

My kind of music:

Here’s some LoL music:

League cinematics hit different ngl :nod:

Attack of the killer queen

we are not friends anymore

Some songs and music I like

Many songs in this


Wait what did I do? Also, were we friends?

damn harsh :cry:

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it was never cynthia’s theme, it was volo’s theme

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I’m sorry I just didn’t realize. Also, what did I do to end our apparent friendship?

The Evil Song:

now youre acting clueless im so sad im literally crying immensely right now that you would do this after we broke up :sob:

Broke up? Wait, were we dating? I’m very confused.