I need some input for which character's point of view to write from

Hey writers and others interested in such topics,

I got an assignment for one of my English classes to write a work of short fiction, so I need a bit of advice here.

The story I’m writing features an end-of-the-year training session in the world of Aelystre by a famed character named Khonnen Konnegaton to celebrate the day of the holiday, Krystyllis (which takes some aspects from Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Years’). Khonnen’s pupils are four prodigious young warriors. Khonnen is a renowned warrior and runs a training dojo which he only lets a select few number of students train.

I’ve already written out a general outline for my story and made mini character descriptions for the four students in my story. I’m mainly looking for what point of view I should write the story from the given characters, except for Khonnen.

Here’s an excerpt of Khonnen’s dialogue to get an idea of him:

“Krystyllis is a day sacred to the goddess that means to keep us driven. Krystyl brings you all to my dojo today because your will shall not soften, and so shan’t your bodies due to the gluttony that humanity has cursed this tradition with. While still able-bodied, every day is a good day to train. Any time is an opportune time to improve our skills, as we do not know when the enemy will attack next. Given our circumstances, there is never a viable day where training shall be exempt, regardless of holiday. Every day we don’t work up ourselves is a day we grow weaker, more vulnerable, more bound to defeat.” - Khonnen Konnegaton

Here are the character descriptions I’ve made:

I originally started with Harr’s PoV, but I feel like I would resonate a bit more with Connestia’s traits, thus being able to write better. I haven’t gotten too deep into each character’s personal views and backstory yet, so I can easily change the perspective from which the story is being told.

So what am I asking?

I’m curious which character’s PoV would be the most interesting to you all.


venusie intrigues me so im going with them (this might come from a part of me that enjoys stuff from brasher character’s pov lol)

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i can see connestia doing well, mainly because i can see potential with a lot of “self thinking” lines you can write. but i like doing that when i write so i might be bias to that

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Muro Refriman. I wish to see his POV.

He sounds like a cool guy

connestia or venusie are the most interesting as they actually will have interest in the events as they process things a certain way (or for venusie they simply act)

the top two will not care enough about the story to be engaging to see it from, nor will their actions.

alao connestia and venusie can be easy foils of each other, but the other two seem very inconsequential


Personally, I would say to flesh out the characters a bit more. Outside of just their personality, make sure to determine their goals relating to the plot events, why their doing what their doing, maybe even the pros and cons of each character, etc. It should help determine how each character fits where and what pov would be most effective to showcase a certain scene.


Make goals for your characters and don’t inform the readers unless it becomes relevant.

@liu I like your insight on potential tension between Connestia and Venusie. I think it would be interesting to write from Connie’s PoV while Vennie’s dialogue may end up clashing with Connie’s thoughts. As for the other two, I’ll probably add more substance to them through their actions in the story to make them just as expressive and impactful to the plotline.

@LonesomeWolf This is something I will plan to do. I’ll give an update once I write up more info regarding the goals of the characters. Thanks for the advice!