I need thornflower

I give 30 galleons for every thornflower

im just gonna sell all my thornflower to npcs

they sell for less than 30 each on npc though

no they sell for 30

In my defense
If you sell to NPC, you make stonks, the NPC doesn’t and other players also don’t (because they don’t get Thornflower + they can’t sell a lot of stuff to NPC in one go)

If you sell to me, players are happy, NPC’s… don’t get broke and you are also happy

i’ve said it before i’ll say it again, i just hate people being happy

Its more effort to join you and then trade with you instead of just selling it to an npc

fair enough

If you get thornflowers, you get better gear, so you can easily kill us. Nobody wants that, so we can sell to npc

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nevermind i already got all that i need

…my kd ratio is 83 deaths to 8 kills

Mine is lower I think…

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