I noticed on the trello that it says "unfixable" so here is a idea to fix it

You still get combat logged if the server shuts down while you're in combat [Unfixable]
in the bugs archive

a idea on how to fix this could be a simple “Global State” boolean (probally could be a simple RemoteFunction ex: isShuttingDown(): bool which clients can then query to check if a server is shutting down
if it is you could eg. not perform the effects of combat logging when isShuttingDown is true
(ofc i have a feeling there is something better then a RemoteFunction but school wifi wont let me check the developer wiki), or mabey a remote event called leave(reason) and the reason can be a number specifying why the client is forced to leave the game
0/nil - banned
1 - kicked/warned
2 - shutdown

another one Gunpowder barrels picked up and then placed by players become immune to bullets fired from guns [Unfixable since roblox for some reason considers the barrels to not exist on the client side, can't think of a solution currently]
has vertex considered setting NetworkOwnership for that part to the player holding the barrel (then re-claiming it when it is placed down)

(this is just me throwing around ideas from a outside perspective, i dont have access to AO code. just throwing ideas around for “unfixable” problems)