I promise , I will not die before I play this game

I promise , I will not die before I play this game.

I’am caling my self IMORTAL now.

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the anvil currently falling from the sky on your position:

watch imma call a drone strike rn

How about find bitches :smiling_imp:

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imagine u have a heart attack 1 min before ao drops

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i won’t oof myself before i play this too

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bro is advertising us the next apple product :skull: :joy:


If @Mortal was an apple product:

(No hate though Rodrigo, I don’t want to make fun of your English)

Whats next call yourself a god and…

Not finishing that thought


Sorry for the random ping, read posts above

give it 7 hours

Apple phone = iPhone

Apple mortal = iMortal


Thanks for explaining my unfunny joke, Divanochi.

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