I put "Arcane Odyssey" into an AI image generator

Link: DALL·E mini - a Hugging Face Space by dalle-mini

Prompt: Arcane Odyssey

Prompt: World of Magic


I’m trying “roblox vetexgames” and some other ones as well, but Markiplier flooded the site so I keep getting errors.


add “roblox” to it

I’m trying to but I only found out about the site when Markiplier went trending on twitter. He posted images from the prompt “Markiplier with a gun” and all of his fans started posting similar variations of that, overloading the site.


I got this error like 10 times in a row.

i think the first prompt is basing more off league of legends because of the arcane show and the second just looks like a shrooms trip

i thought after 4hrs here that it would be useable but its still overloaded

Now use wombo dream :nod:

I can understand the one for World of Magic but i cant understand what the FUCK the AI was smoking with arcane odyssey

I have no idea what you’re talking about.


why he got two hands on the thing in the first picture tho

Just found this on twitter.

markiplier moment