I rate you because I have nothing else to do

Anyways there’s been a lot of those “Rate you” threads and…

Well, I’m bored.
I’m bored, okay?
Of the forums, specifically, not of this template.

So instead of doing something else like work on the essay I have that’s due on tuesday or open up the santa hat thread again even if it’s fucking november

I’ll jump on this.

btw if i do not know who you are you get an instant 5/10

I have some science thing due Monday that I have not done much on

stolen :angry:

Johnny has 5 apples. :apple: :apple: :apple: :apple: :apple: 🧑‍🦲

That’s all. Johnny has 5 apples. Were you expecting something more? No, in life there simply are plenty of instances where there is nothing more. Everything can just start off but then turn into an empty void. So remember, when you’re having trouble in your life, Johnny has 5 apples.

You’re pretty chill 8/10

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yeah i know
you’re annoying
but so am i, so…

stop posting this cryptic bullshit/10

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You were definitely the first person to create a rating-type thread.

got bored so i figured to give it a go

you’re an asshole

and so am i

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I’m not an asshole, bitch!!! :scream: :rage: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

well i clearly don’t see you on the periodic table so I changed my mind you’re bumped down to

No, I’m there, look for the element that says “in your mother’s bedroom”

sorry i used the wrong picture you are on the periodic table
you’re a 10/10 now



they’re gonna have to teach this shit in chemistry class real fuckin’ soon

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10/10 please don’t yell at me

Do you remember me?