I refuse to believe i've turned into an adult today


(i am one year closer to death :partying_face:)



I love responsibilities

oh god, you have responsibility for your actions now (hell)

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I came to congratulate you! :birthday:

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You just won a lamborghini, a toaster oven, a free trip to Disney World, a 5,000 dollar PC, a stage light, a new PS5, a lifetime subscription to Roblox premium, 200,000 Minecoins, the Xbox gamepass, a subscription to the New York Times, a spot in the Roblox Moderation team, a new dishwasher, a new chromebook, a kindle, a new home lighting system, a brand new carpet, NordVPN, a truck trailer, an RC car, a whiteboard, a Dungeons & Dragons setup, a 4k television, and a mansion on a hill.

Offer may not apply in this timeline.

happy birthday babygirl (hmu in dms)



your free trial of the game “Life” has ended, congrats