I sorta speedran everything

  • Perfect cooking experience
  • Perfect brewing experience
  • Perfect Jewelcrafting experience
  • Bronze sea explorer in the bag

what a trooper, this file.
Screenshot 2023-10-22 222254

And it’s all before she had two total days spent playing as her. Just barely, but hey!
How big of an achievement is this?


First three isn’t all that impressive, but I think Bronze Sea Explorer that fast is good time, not ridiculous
Still good effort

If this is how she spends two days, I’m not surprised she lost her sight, anyways good job

Share your secrets

Not sure how 98 bosses helped with this but it just adds to the achievement

All 3 in 2 days is super impressive and you got Bronze Explorer that’s RIDICULOUS! happy for you^^ keep it up o7

are you remaking her or have you actually just had a 48 hour old file for all this time

how the hell do you get bronze sea explorer I am so confused

i think you have to 100% all island exploration tasks so all quests, treasure charts, chests collected, items collected

Oh that’s not that hard

I’m just worried about a few things:

-400 hunger quest :skull:

-not getting the right charts I need (are these tradeable?)

Remade her