I swear roblox players are idiots

It seems like they’ve not learnt from the John Doe spook event (I believed it once a pon a time when I was a kid :sleeper:)

for context: A roblox account named Jenna made for a Online dater film series for a funny parody is going to “Hack all females on roblox” WELL its February 8th for me and i’m fine…


when you realize flamingo made this add :

flamingo dropped 50k on this ad to trick idiots into thinking it was real lol

Bro when I first heard of the Jena thing i was like John Doe and Jane doe v2

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Self plugin shame!

Lemme break down the lore. The account was used for a horror series the ODER then tiktok took advantage and made a vid to scare saying 7th and 8th. The account is owned by a bloxburg YT and has no intent of harm

He did? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

ye lol for a vid

Nothing can compare to the terror on roblox that John Doe and Jane Doe brought to roblox, along side the edgy kids aswell

NGL the person behind the myth should have started the rumor a month ago to put it into full effect



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“change your avatar to a man”
i feel like it’s a sexist joke a bunch of middle schoolers made.

change the red to white in this image


Thats what i was thinking :skull:

I agree with this title

I see you’re a girl.
:moyai: Imagine play a dead game called WoM as a female and stop making custom boyfriends in World of Magic.

Become boyfriends with Jason or Joshiiba or something since they have J in there name. And a person with Jenna who’s about to hack all females has a J in his name :cold_face:

and so did the diamond jubilee be had erased from the forum after this.

this is why jubilee was banned