..i teach how to draw yes

step 1: get ur epic drawing software (i recommend microsoft paint)

step 2: draw a head

step 2: draw a nek

step 3: draw body (dont draw hands yet)

step 4: draw hands very goodly

step 5: clap ur hands

bam u got urself a quality drawnig


mmmyes, quality burgr

yes very quality :ok_hand:



I can confirm this is true.

Burgr is the reason why I am an artist today.

dint worked

instructions unclear; i accidentally ate an online burger

Thank you so much burger, I will now go eat a happy meal

Fucked up and accidentally drew the Mona Lisa

I have done the tutorial and let me say it worked well


I thought this would be Bridgment or Loomis

this is provably the best drawing guild on world