I think I just don't have enough experience with not-mages in general

So I awakened a new Ice Conj file I made a long time ago but decided to not touch it. Now it’s done, somehow.

Wait don't open-

Build inspired by Yandere Ayaka meme, let’s see if I can play well enough to live up to her name.

I’m using a dense sunken sword, ardent kai sabre, swift(still thinking about changing this weapon) greatsword
Got myself this cheap build which feels like a zoner build so maybe my mindset’s wrong.
Then I realised I’m unable to do a RisingTide-TigerRush combo as my RisingTide goes so high it can aggro Navy NPCs on the roof of Silverhold, yes I did that quest.
And I can’t kill those level 60s fast enough to be satisfied so maybe something’s wrong.
Branching out to new class that are not mage.

Take note I’ve played shadow mage for 700+ hours(200 from WoM) and anything else under around 1 or 2 hours(only taking combat into consideration, forget the leveling part)

mage players desperately trying to figure out how the other stats work be like:

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When the person who is used to doing one thing is less knowledgeable when trying something else

Met an ice conjuror with a similar build like yours. Using agility as an ice conjuror is like making a fire water mage. Your sunken sword is pretty much useless at this point.

At most go for 50 agility, and also a better combo than rising tide+sunken sword grab would be a javelin+2x blast- at least that’s something I feel would be more effective.

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