I think I'm finally ready to do the first frostmill quest

I’ve been really nervous about this quest since the tutorial was so hard, so I did a bit of grinding to prepare. The only thing I didn’t do was master my fs, sailor style, because I didn’t want it to be too easy and no longer fun. Do y’all think this is enough or nah?

I even made sure to get dodge reflex before i got here

Man look at all these new quests to do! I’m so excited

Oh man these guys were tough!

Oh man this Iris lady sounds scary! I don’t know if I can handle a lost magic…

Oh crap she’s scary

This was a super hard fight, I was barely able to pull out a win!

This dark sea place is freaky, but I bet for a reward for this quest Enizor won’t charge me for enchants anymore!

What do you mean that I still have to pay for enchants after doing all your dirty work and letting you live on my ship rent free

Oh man this place is tall! I wonder what kind of scary enemies are up there?

This fight was so unfair and stupid hard, I hope vetex patches it in the future.

Okay this guy looks really strong, I might need to grind some more…

I decided to give it a shot, it took me 43 tries but I got it…

Oh crap this guy is really strong

It took me 183 tries but I finally beat him!


I’d say you have good gear, but you really need to make sure you have the skills required for this chapter. Its definitely one of the hardest skill checks in the game, and it took me ~20 hours to beat on my max level file. Be careful.

Man look at all these new quests to do! I’m so excited

I’ve been preparing in elysium for hours, its do or die now

Oh man these guys were tough!

Yeah, that fight was horrible and took me hours to beat. I honestly don’t know if you have the right gear

Hell naw you’re screwed for Revon bossfight.
You literally got every single offensive technique wrong. Magic. Fighting style. Weapons.
That stat loadout is horrible too. You need very specific stat spread, what you have just won’t do.
I suggest you just start over.

You seem kind of underleveled for this part of the story… Have you considered grabbing the castilian shoe from mimhere island? It’s a decently strong warlord weapon from what I’ve heard, might help you get past the door guards at fort talos

This lady was super scary, she has super good aim!

And this boss came out of nowhere! Easily my most powerful foe yet!

I was barely able to beat her, it took me 678 * 10^85434625598 tries!

Can’t beat this guy, games too hard I quit.

Sounds like skill issue, I beat him the first try and got the extremely rare Glass Curse drop

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bro how long did it take you to level up to 140 before frostmill?

I leveled up almost entirely through cargo til the last like 15 levels cause I wanted to make a bit of money at the same time, so it took me something like 12-15 hours, but it could very easily be done faster