I turned my deckhand blue (upgraded)

Rep farming is a real pain, going around beating up rivals from one end of the map to another.
Could I just have just found and hired a low level deckhand instead and instantly promoted them to legendary? Yes.
Do I want to? No, I’m not firing this guy. I like him. I like all my deckhands.


you’re bluer

I don’t think I’ll ever focus on farming renown on my main file, not even for my deckhands. On my gravy file though, I’ll probably try getting really high renown just for the drip

Y’know what? Fuck you

Unblues your deckhand

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this deckhand is SCAMMING the hell out of you

get rid of them immediately

500k fame… well its ur choice, deckhands have cool drip.
noice crooked man

also very teal and blue
(proceeds to stare at all that weight on hips)

500,000 fame and a thousand galleons for…!

…1 extra speed point. Huh. Wow.

you are getting SCAMMED

Damn bro thanks for the 1 speed

That’s resilience by the way, not speed.

But yeah, I like the guy, so even if I can easily get a legendary speed deckhand easily by promoting a low lv one, I don’t want to fire him