I wanna report this bug

I didn’t read the rules of the forum yet,I just wanna get this done:so I played on my main acc. soon after release of the fishing-update,goin’ for LVL 80,but at LVL 73 I lost internet connection and after rejoining the file was gone,I had over 30h playtime on that.I’m not expecting to get the file back somehow,but I’m scared that it could happen to someone else,pls look into this.
Have a nice day readers and RIP Julian Rust.

This is a common bug and will never get fixed, give dislike if you want, but dislikes won’t help you in anything.
You won’t be refunded tho, leveling up is easy, and level cap is 80 yet.
Refunds only be available when max level cap is level 500 and was erased with proofs which is impossible to have proofs, vetex doesn’t care about player issues, he will probably say: deal with it yourself.

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I won’t dislike the game cuz i loooove it XD. I just wanna know how do you know it will never be fixed? Did he say that somewhere?

Ignore sister, she’s some Malasian troll that doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

There will be attempts to fix the bug.

Ok,some positivity can’t be bad ;D

There’s actually more proof that there aren’t attempts to fix the bug than proof that there are attempts as this bug is well known but is not on the Trello in the list of bugs, I believe.

That rlly sucks,I do hope it gets fixed soon,cuz that would be such a dumb bug in such a great game! I just hope for the best i guess. Did he react to someone that talked about the bug? If not he probably didn’t notice it yet?(Pls let that be it XD)

i lose my connection every 5 minutes luckily it wasnt disconnecting yesterday

Lucky you,unlucky me ;-;

hopefully it gets fixed soon because this is really bad for all the people who have stupid computers or internet

Vetex never acknowledges it and moderators acknowledge it but just say “sucks to be you”. But if it ever happened to them they would use ritualistic, moderator practices to summon all their stuff back in. We live in an unforgiving and biased society.

Imagine,getting a full sunken armor set and then ur file yeeted away,well that’s more my problem with this bug.Also later,when lvl 150+ is available,it won’t be fun to grind back up. ;-;

I didn’t rlly have interaction with the mods and stuff yet,that rlly sucks.An open ear for the community is important!

Amen brother, I’ll drink to that.

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Ignore kitty, he is very toxic, he falsely flag someone for their sake and reputation

O,so you guys know eachother? XD

Wew,sorry for the rough introduction to the community and forums. So far,mods have no ways of bringing back data meaning sadly your progress is all gone,so well…sorry for your loss. Vetex is probably well aware of this file deletion bug and will try to do something hopefully.

I also have that hope :wink: I kinda knew the progress was gone,rn it’s no problem cuz it’s ez to grind bacc (And I had no super-rare items) ,but later it would be…well you know.

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@Sister @JUMBO for you uninformed idiots, vetex does in fact know about the bug, he has since sometime around launch. he also has no clue what causes it, and therefore can’t fix it at the moment.

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So hostile for no reason, trying to incite drama is against the rules, friend. Also why is it not on the Trello then? Please become educated before you make yourself even more foolish.