I want Mind Magic

Title says all. Don’t you dare contradict me, Mind Magic is the best. Better than all Base/Lost/Ancient Magics.

What would mind magic do?

It kinda sounds like it could temporarily increase insanity/ give low-tier insanity effects

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EXACTLY ! You understood immediatly.

give the target some :brain: :flushed: :flushed:

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Invisible magic with insanity
Sounds neat

Blizzard better

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A magic that not actually gives damage and just increases insanity sounds pretty cool not gonna lie

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With that I could go for the perfect metaphysical build. Light, Shadow and Mind.

You get hit and that guy uses light and shadow with mind to make you see the whole fnaf lore


What’s fnaf ?

Five night at freddy(i think)

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Non idea what that is but I’m sure its true

That’s why I want Mind Magic.

  1. Cuz it’s cool.
  2. To troll and annoy the entire player base.

But for it to be balances I think it should be Ancient, even Lost won’t be enough. Cuz otherwise the game would be chaos.

i thought you were thinking about something VERY different with this

yeah this is a cool idea

What were you thinking ?

From the title I was kinda thinking along the lines of shigeo from mob psycho but thats practically just pressure