I was thinking of making an Earth+Boxing Warlock

I was making a new slot and thought hey I should try mage. I then chose earth as my magic and named my character Rocky Stone got to level 20 and though, hey Rocky Balboa a boxer. Earth is a rock. Rocks and boxing. Roxing. What are your thoughts on this?

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A fun gimmick but sadly outclassed by other fighting styles.

I’llmake it work

its not his first post

I’ve been around

We will watch ur career with great interest.

(legit tell me if it’s good I was thinking gon making an iorn leg earth warlock)

It’s not great. You loose all your range on crash and the damage isn’t anything to write home about.

How about using iron leg for the bleed bonus?

You could but at that point just use Crystal


Oh, that reminds me of the Earth + Cannon Fist Warlock I made called “Chuck Stone”. Similar puns and similar minds, I suppose

Boxing so badly needs a buff, even if it’s low level. At least allow a greater version to be learnt later on.



gale fist?

Doesn’t sound bad TBH. Or maybe even like fistacuffs or kickboxing or even something nutty like Kangaroo Style (Dropkick the foe away)

leaked boxing evolution (might get banned for this)
Socker Boppers Inflatable Boxing Pillows - One Pair Boppers

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I made a cannon fist earth warlock. I called it… “Chuck Stone”