I was working on bronze sea diver and

half of the ruin was inside of pelion rift… why vetex WHY :frcryin:

simply server hop

yeah but this makes me realize I can get to the last chart it reveals to me and…

also do you know how hard it is to play AO on a trackpad

how weird. I join a new server and my exploration is allaready at 70%…? how

I guess its was changed right after some days of people being annoyed by their progress being resetted.

progress is saved between servers now so yeah just server hop if a structure is clipped

okay this just got alot easier
which now makes me suprised more people dont have this

got bsd like 3 days ago, experienced the ‘damn the rift ate this underwater structure’ too and i really went ‘yeah sure ill wait just for that one chest that is stuck inside for no reason at all’ because my exploration progress was already at 85%

I had one eaten by the floor once

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