I watched a new movie

It is funny but prolly not my taste :sob:
still an enjoyable show though I might try to finish sometime this week IDK

I got demotivated and watched a different anime being hunter x hunter and the Chimera arc (season 5) drained me the fuck out

I saw konosuba. Couldn’t get past episode 2. I don’t like that kind of isekai.

Konosuba is actually quite good for isekai because instead of trying to be funny by making shitty jokes that never land, it actively parody’s the genre while having somewhat good dialogue. shame you only got to episode 2 because it really picks up after the gang comes together though i can see why people do drop it as episode 1 can be a turn off or give ppl the wrong ideas

Now if you want a GOOD isekai, watch re:zero

I have Finished it as well including the movie.

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