I will no longer punch things really hard

Seeing how Berserker has fallen so far behind on the meta, I am forgoing it. I am using the free stat reset and becoming a mage. I can no longer use basic combat to punch things until they stop moving, I must now use magic and run like a little bitch in order to keep up with the meta.

Corny ass metamancing.


Don’t leave the chosen few! Good things will come, trust me.


Persecuted Christians convincing weary believers to stay faithful after the Romans dropped a killstreak on a family of 4:

just become warlock dumbass, meta but can still punch

You deny your fist their purpose, they yearn to bathe in the blood of metamancers. Plus you can just go like warlord or warlock if you wanna maintain meta status while still being able to punch things.


Reject magic, embrace weapons and strength

Reject Magic and weapons, those little cunts need either a God-Given gift or crafted objects to be able to fight, we Strenght users are natural chads.

reject god-given gifts, crafted objects, and raw muscle, embrace being able to tank anything

Vitality users rise up to remind everyone of our incomplete builds!


Ironically even fs use magic

Attack speed thermo zerker still pretty good

Imma Juggernaught! Literally the least meta build in the game…

Stfu :3

You can’t escape the magic meta child

Embrace it

I have bad news for you

just use the big stick
It’s literally just a stick, nothing crafted, no magic, just ooga booga
it’s the chadliest weapon

strength users: I wish I had a build that was easy to use, fun, and could deal with the meta assuming I’m skilled enough :pensive:

Reaction to TikTok's Overwatch meme misses the original ...

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I will not compromise.

your loss ¯\ _ (ツ) _ /¯