I will upgrade your gems to perfect for free

just dm me and we will see if we can meet, i also have something big planned that will come in 2 days

BTW guys, u can send me ur regeants and i will craft it as well

and as a final note, on 11 this month, highschool will start for me and i have to prepare in advance (real in advance) for the final exam, so it might become somewhat hard for me to get a good time, but i promise, i will do my best

for the people that have doubts


his view

this is like scam 101.

i gave low levels rare stuff including bosses loot, u can check my history

this person doesn’t scam.

I’ve never seen anyone scam a gem, why would they? Galleons? that’s easily obtained by hoarfrost plus you can’t really customize already crafted gems, It’s overall useless to take advantage of someone just so you can get an already crafted gem for free…

It’s also a pretty stupid thing to scam for, honestly.

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To add to this, why would you go to this much effort to get a jewel that isn’t perfect when you have perfect jewelcrafting?

Ill take that deal habibi

you gotta start preparing for final exams on the first day back? What kind of bs is that? You taking super AP classes or something?

im going on a special kind of highschool, where practice is the main focus, im bassically a electrician-engineer so most of my classes is math on steroids, the main advantage of this is that u do 3 years and take a practice test, which that also can get very hard.

then u can continue with 2-3 extra years to get the normal final exam, and since this is what i had to do in grade 9

i can say that im absolutly fucked on how difficult the final exam is gonna be for me, and it only gets harder

I vouch for bear’s services :+1: