I wonder how badly this would go

A forumer based guild. Catastrophe incarnate.

How badly would it go lol

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I would say something along the lines of “Free infamy B)”, but I have a feeling that it’d be disbanded by the time any other guild could join the server.

Sounds like a chaotically wonderful idea

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Well yeah, there’s no way we could be a lb guild lol

Depends. We’ve got some good people, but then you have people like me, who aren’t that great, and always have terrible ping and terrible FPS.

I think we’d be unstoppable :sunglasses:

I don’t think any forumers are really any good at pvp, prove me wrong.

Actually nvm

2 seconds after saying it I realised Rosie was a forumer

Im good at pvp wdym :frcryin:

And Rosie bullies me.

I would never :fr:

You are absolutely wrong and I’m glad you recognized it later.

We have our fair share of good fighters.

much better than roselight

If it includes all regulars it also includes level and aabraham.

I’m not good at pvp but I can infamy farm.

But… then there’s some regulars…

thanks for the idea :trol:

imagine if chanzei was in it lol

I just don’t understand what makes someone a “forumer” I mean, for me a forumer is someone who spams either topics crying about how a guild farmed them, or starting guild drama.

just someone who’s on here often. I’d say Regulars are forumers

How about someone who got regular taken from them? :Niceman:

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