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light magic warlock with cannon fist, the goal is to be really fucking obnoxious

is this enough intensity to make blind actually insanely annoying? or do I need more

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you always need more intensity, but that’s a good start

you can never have enough intensity

cancer build as you intended lol

if intensity changes to jewels then you can invest everything into speed, or keep it as is so you can attack faster (maybe idk if m1 has cooldowns)

Tbh I hope intensity stays as a status buff stat, I’ve got a build where I plan on abusing my ash status effects with explosion to do more damage the more I use ash and then explosion lol however I can’t remember what vetex said he plans to switch intensity to. I might quickly check again

Omg I just found out they intend to make it allow your cooldowns to attack faster, I would love that way more than the status buffs tbh, I got a build with a ton of attack speed agility attack size and intensity