Idea for guns

All right here me out. Here comes a terrible idea, but guns could have a set damage.

You are maybe thinking “but how do you increase the damage of a gun? and why do you have such a terrible idea”

you could replaces the gun with a better gun or infuse magic with it to make harder bullets or make them faster.
Guy works out at the gym for 7 weeks to find out that his gun does not do more damage

(If you find this a bad idea or offensive to your loadout. consider it a joke)

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ok but do you have any arguments towards set gun damage

uhhh. Poor people not got strong guns.

tryhard player who uses basic flintock realise they can’t make it stronger.



Awful idea. It should just have a set range of damage. Such as 400-600 (example) depending where you hit or if you used a weapon skill or something

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Sorry but I’d rather have level based damage, not set in damage like in AA


how many reaction images do you have saved

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Well I guess it wouldnt be as worse as AA Guns, considering that guns in AO are actual projectiles and not hitscan

that’s golden that is

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as many as I make


Weapon damage isn’t strength…

Strength is literally a seperate stat point

Just get different bullets

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I think this is a good suggestion because it’d force people to actually farm crowns and buy stuff to deal more damage, instead of just farming XP and your damage growing with your level. Also, new players have a chance to get super OP for their level if they have crowns.

get another fucking gun

Due to new players getting op weapons. of course there will be some kind of lv restriction.

I was gonna post a gun idea until i noticed this was about your idea specifically